Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Clickbank Review Blogging Is Rewarding

No – you don’t have to be an expert on a particular subject to experience how rewarding Clickbank review blogging can be. You just have to be interested in the subject – or intrigued by it. Chances are, if you’re intrigued by a subject and report your explorations, your readers are far more likely to be intrigued too. And if you’re downright passionate about it, you’ll speak to passionate niche fanatics in a way that no one else could ever understand. And “fanatics” are the ones who spend 90% of the money in any niche.

But you need fixed “check points” you run against every product you plan to review, in order to pick the winners. Next time you’re planning to purchase a product – or have been given one by another marketer to review – ask yourself these key questions:

Is the price of the product high enough to make it worth my while? – Most marketers agree a product has to clear $17 to be worth your while to promote.

Is the commission high enough to make it worth my while? – A commission rate over 40% is worth considering. 60% and over makes it extremely worth a second, in-depth look.

Does the product owner provide affiliate resources and contact information? – A product owner who knows what she is doing will provide contact information so you can quickly reach her. And she should be able to offer you banner and button ads, text link ads, graphics, FAQ sheets, information and many more resources. If a product owner doesn’t have any resources, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should not promote the product. But it will make your job harder.

Are there any external links on the Sales Page? – If you find a sales page that has a huge flashing sign in the middle – “Affiliates Sign Up HERE!” – it should be an instant disqualifier. There’s a big risk the customers following your recommendation will decide to become affiliates themselves instead of buying the product – which means you won’t get credited for the sale!

Is the product right for my blog readers and are they searching for it? – If your particular niche is searching for the product it’s worth promoting. Check your keyphrases in Google AdWords and make sure there are at least 20 strong keywords that turn up in your search results. But keep in mind – a niche can still be profitable if there are less than 20 keywords providing there are a high enough number of “related” Google Adwords keywords.

What’s the ClickBank gravity rate – and how old is the product? – “Gravity” is just one of the terms on the ClickBank listing of a product. It refers to the number of sales achieved by the affiliates who promote the product. It’s not a strong indicator of a product’s value unless you compare it against the time the product has been in circulation. Products that are just launched will often have an artificially high gravity rate that levels off, once it’s been on the market a few weeks.

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